Dustcovery 2016

Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society presents  Burning Man Vancouver’s Official Decompression: Dustcovery 2016!

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/1008975609221722

Last year, 750 attendees enjoyed this 18,000 square foot indoor and outdoor space with 2 sound stages and interactive art pieces.  This year, we were able to add an extra 150 tickets.

Get them while you can! No ticket sales at the door and we anticipate being sold out early in the week!

– Wed Oct 19: Self-serve Ticket Exchange: http://bit.ly/Dustcovery16TicketExchange. If you’re looking to sell or buy a ticket, check here first!

Date: October 22, 2016
Time: 8:30pm – 4:00am  (Make sure to come early! From 8:30-10:30pm there will be live bands and performers with the Fire Show at 10pm.)
Location: Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition Grounds, Show Barn at 6050 176th Street, Surrey, BC
Note: this is a 19+ event. Our permit with the city, liquor license and insurance are all dependent on that fact.



  • Dress for the weather. Bring layers. We have a sound stage and other art pieces outside to enjoy, rain or shine.
  • There will be a cash bar from 8:30pm – 1:30pm.  After 1:30pm, non-alcohol options will be available for sale until 3am or so.  ATM on site.
  • NO outside alcohol. Please support the event and our local artists by buying drinks at the bar.  NO ins and outs.
  • FREE Parking on site. There is a shuttle available from the King George skytrain station to the venue. Please sign up here:
    The shuttle spreadsheet also has a carpool tab!
  • Remember that we are representing our community and that there will be security on site who will be doing bag checks.


Tickets are now on sale! Tickets are $35. You need a credit card to purchase tickets.
NO tickets available at the door! Pre-sale only.
See full ticket info on the TICKETS page.


Volunteers make this thing happen! Sign up here.  We still need YOU!


To build on Burning Man’s theme, Dustcovery will become the “Creators Guild”. The original Renaissance was the humanistic revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning. We will create our own 2016 renaissance, Vancouver style. The first portion of the evening at Dustcovery will be full of sumptuous live performances, fire performance show and opportunities to create collaborative works of art. The second portion of the evening will feature 2 sound stages and the chance to dance all night long.


  • The Ballsy Rocker 2.0– Sail the high seas on this 10 ft. light up rocking ship.
  • The Burner Book of “Is this Art?”– Create a page of art in this 8ft tall book.
  • DaVinci’s House Escape Room– Can YOU escape DaVinci’s workshop?!
  • Directionless- Look for this signpost to guide you on your journey.
  • The Furry Hot Tub– Who needs water when you’ve got fur???
  • Horn of Plenty– Enter this inflatable cornucopia sculpture filled with positive messaging.
  • Hypnotrike– Take a spin on this pedal powered trike that includes hypnotic decorations and lighting.
  • Jellyfish Ocean– Walk through a sea of delicate glowing jellyfish.
  • Jellyfish Plounge – Lounge under the whimsical light up jellyfish
  • Jar of Sand– Contemplate this large scale replica of a canning jar filled with plastic marine debris collected from oceans and beaches of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Laser Mandala– Use a laser to create patterns on a glow in the dark surface.
  • The Love Bus– Release your inner child with this giant ball pit in a pink school bus!
  • Nomadic Nest– Lounge in this nest for humans!
  • Pillars of Principles – Do you know what the 10 Principles of Burning Man are?
  • Rainbow Raceway– Race your friends in real life Mario Kart!
  • Registroid v.3.1 “Ruby”– Cash in with this mutant vintage cash register that is a playable, interactive electro-house looping machine.
  • Shattering Self– Monotype Print
  • Sketching Vignette – Sketch or model, if you dare!
  • Shadow Play – Go behind the screen and perform – sexy or silly, you choose!
  • The Orca Project– Swim with this large scale wooden orca sculpture.
  • Tiltation of Light– Grab a friend to ride this light up see-saw.
  • Titanoboa– Slither around with this 50 ft electromechanical serpent machine
  • Topple– Do you have a steady hand, a keen eye, and good balance? Then grab a few friends and come play Topple!
  • Trick or Treat– Knock on the door! Show them your costume! Get a Treat!
  • Volcanotron– interact with LED light strings
  • The Yard – Make your way into the picket fenced yard to lounge or play interactive games


On the Main Stage:

  • Sara Garber (Mad Hatter) – Electric Keyboard/Singer
  • Bradford King – Male vocals/Dark lyrical folk rock
  • Marina Legace – Soloist/Acoustic Guitar
  • Jaia Kydd (JAIAquarian) – Vocal Stylings/Electric Ukelele
  • Disco Funeral – Gypsy Funk Rock

Off Stage:

  • Beautify-A Performance Piece by Victoria Petrovna
  • Big Shadow Project (Stilt Walkers)
  • Touch (Acro Yoga)



Are you new? Are you bringing a friend who has never experienced a “burner” event before? This is the perfect opportunity to experience it. We will have a “Newbie Reception” from 8:45 – 9:45pm. We will have people there to take you on a tour, talk about burner culture and give you tips on how to have a fun and safe evening! Meet at the Pillars of Principles near the ticket tent!


We will be offering a shuttle to and from the event to the King George Skytrain Station and Hampton Inn as well as some runs to and from Commercial Drive. Check out various tabs & see sign up sheet here.

The Shuttle Google Doc also has tabs for rideshares, check it out here.

RV / VEHICLE CAMPING (no tent camping!)

Anyone wishing to remain in their enclosed vehicle on site overnight / after the end of the event, must register on site, park in the designated lot and obtain/display a $10 Parking Pass.

  1. A pass to “camp” in your RV, van, tent trailer, car or any enclosed vehicle, is $10.
  2. The RV Parking lot gate is officially open and passes available between 7:00-9:00 PM. If you arrive early to volunteer with set up to to bring an art project, please find Andi, Sparkle or Mitch.
  3. After 9:00 PM passes will be available at the ticket check in.
  4. QUIET ZONE! The parking lot was designed to be a safe place to crash and not as a Pre-Party or After Party Lot. This goes for all participants!
  5. Absolutely no amplified sound systems.
  6. No open fires.
  7. Passes must be displayed and visible.
  8. Don’t take up more room than you need.
  9. There will be a porta-potty available in the RV/Vehicle Camping area.
  10. NO tenting allowed.

The RV Camp Parking lot is located right behind the Show Barn this year, and the entrance is from 62nd Avenue as indicated on the map below:




There is a block of rooms booked at the Hampton Inn. You have to call in to book. The phone number is 604-530-6545.

**Please note, these rates include a full hot breakfast.
Standard Queen (2 queen beds with fridge and microwave) $115.00
King Study (King bed & sofa bed with fridge and microwave) $125.00
King Studio Suite (King bed & sofa bed with fridge and microwave) $135.00



Dustcovery has received approval from Burning Man Project as an Official Burning Man Regional Decompression event!  Congrats to the Producers for following the guidelines.