Newbie Reception for fresh Burners! 9:15pm

My very first burner event was the Afterglow decompression event. It was life changing and I got hooked! Dustcovery is the perfect event to invite those friends of yours who have always been curious about all the crazy fun you have!

We will be hosting a “Newbie Reception” at 9:15pm on event night at the Pillars of Principles (you can see them in the photo below!). We will have someone(s) from the GVIAS board and a Ranger to welcome people and talk a little bit about our burner culture.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingI am looking for a few experienced burners who are willing to come say hello to newbs or possibly be willing to share something about our culture, the 10 principles or what they love about being a burner.

Please PM me if you are willing and able to help acculturate some newbies!

andi candi (That’s me with the headset in the photo! Come say hello if you are new!)
Dustcovery 2017 Producer

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