Hi everyone, we still have some empty shifts available that we really need covered for Dustcovery this Saturday. Not getting these shifts covered means things like the bar might having to close early, shuttles not leaving on time, way longer lineups at the gate, etc. Please sign up for these shifts and help us make this the best Dustcovery ever! Remember, any hours spent volunteering at Dustcovery go towards the hours needed for access to the advanced ticket sale (4-19 volunteer hrs) or a directed ticket (over 19 volunteer hrs) for BiTF 2018.

  • Transportation: 6:30-8:30pm Friday evening and 4-6pm Sunday afternoon (volunteers needed to help load infrastructure gear from the GVIAS locker into the transport truck)
  • Bar: 11:30-1am and 1-2am (cash/drink ticket sales) & 1-2am (bar float)
  • Gate: 7:30-9pm, 9-10:30pm and 9:30-11pm
  • Performers: 8-10pm, 10pm-midnight and midnight-2am (help make sure everyone who’s signed up to perform is at the correct location for their specified time)
  • Shuttles: 9:30-11:30pm, 12-1am, 2-3am **Please note that you do not have to be signed up for any of the shuttles during these times in order to do the volunteer shift**
  • Popcorn: 10:30pm-midnight (making and serving popcorn!)

Click on this link to do the survey and let us know which team you’d like to volunteer with: http://bit.ly/Dustcovery17Volunteer

Adeline and Krystal
Dustcovery 2017 Volunteer Coordination Co-Leads
Email: dustcovery-volunteers@gvias.org
Website: dustcovery.gvias.org