Announcing our Production Team!

Huge gratitude for all of these lovely folks who’ve stepped up to take on a leadership role to make this event spectacular! These people are busy bees already deep in planning.

Producer – Andi Candi
Associate Producers – Hazel S and Scott L-K
Art and Theme Camps – Kristen H and Kyle A
Door – Kate F
Volunteers – Adeline Lalita T and Lauren H
Communications and Burning Man Regional Contact – squishelle
Decor – Eve W and Chelsea B
Puck’s Main Stage – Peter B
Ravebots Stage – Dayna and Tango
Signage – Ash H
Fire Show – Ty E
Fire Safety – Mitch B
Transport – Jay S
Surprise Activities – Madison H and Kaschelle
Newbie Reception and Activities – Joss K
Parking – Ash Smash
Rangers – Matt S