Callout for a few things…

Are you excited yet? Our production team sure is! We are busy bees getting everything planned for you to have an amazing decompression.

The beautiful thing about burner events are that they are co-created by every single person who attends – artists who bring their art, theme camps who bring fun activities, DJs, performers, volunteers and participants who wear costumes, bring their enthusiasm and sense of wonder.

As the producer, I have a few asks:

1) Does anyone have the expertise to bring projections? There is a gorgeous ceiling “tunnel’ that runs through the main area of the venue that is 2 very tall stories high. It is perfect for projections! Please PM me.

2) I need 2 “bathroom fairies”. We like to provide some extras in the bathrooms like hairspray, bobby pins, mints, mouthwash, etc. I need 2 people who are willing to replenish the supplies 3 times throughout the evening. This will only take about 15 minute each time. Please PM me if this is something you can do.

3) Consider volunteering! It’s fun, you get to meet new people and contribute to the event. Go here:

4) If you have artistic lighting installations, we want them! Please PM me.

Andi Candi
2018 Dustcovery Producer