More tickets available Monday 1pm!

Amazing! Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm, Dustcovery sold out over 2 weeks in advance of the event! WOW! And volunteer signups have been exemplary as well, thank you! There are still some areas looking for vollies, check out the website blog or pinned post in the Fb event page for callouts.

Guess what!? The Producers have negotiated with the venue, and we will now have access to a portion of the mezzanine! Which means… we can increase our capacity.  Happy dance, indeed!

We will be releasing 100 more tickets on Monday November 12 at 1pm PST. We expect these will go very quickly, judging by the number of ticket seekers posting on the Fb event page.

So get ready to purchase your tickets, tell your friends, check the TICKET PAGE on the website & and refresh the Eventbrite page at 1pm Monday to see the available tickets.

TICKET TRANSFERS: read info at

To be mindful of others looking to buy or sell tickets, PLEASE DELETE your post on the FB event page once you’re sorted!

10 days to go!

Dustcovery Production Team