Good stewardship guidelines / Prohibited Items

Hello everyone. Andi Candi here, your Dustcovery producer for this year, with a little info for you! Please take the time to quickly read through.

Securing this venue and the permits to have this event in Vancouver has been somewhat of an arduous process. I am excited that we get to have a decompression event downtown and it would be great to be able to do it again!

I am asking each and every one of you who will be attending to be good stewards of the space, to respect our neighbours around the venue and to help one another to be accountable to our 10 Principles.

There are a few guidelines we need to follow:
1) No gum, lasers, weapons of any kind or outside alcohol is allowed to enter the venue.
You might ask, “Why no gum?” That’s because this venue is carpeted.
Also, bag searches will be happening. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

2) There is a ZERO tolerance for visible drug taking. If security sees you partaking you will be ejected from the event immediately.

3) There is no smoking or vaping inside the building. Period. There will be a designated smoking area outside.

4) Please respect the neighbours who live nearby when you are outdoors or leaving the event. We don’t want a noise complaint to shut us down.

5) We encourage you to bring a reusable water container. It must be empty when you arrive. There will be water jugs on the bars to refill your water.

Let’s all have an awesome time and help each other to be good stewards!



Prohibited Items:
– Chewing gum or super sticky candy (the floor is carpeted!)
– Weapons (of any sort)
– Lasers (leave that to us)
– Outside alcohol (we have plenty inside)
– Drugs (just don’t)
– Drink containers… these are fine but please empty before entering
Venue Rules:
– ABSOLUTELY no smoking or vaping inside the venue (smoking area is outside)
– No alcohol outside
– ZERO tolerance for drug taking

Seriously, if you are seen to be disregarding any of these rules/restrictions you will be ejected IMMEDIATELY… and that sucks!

Andi Candi
Dustcovery 2018 Producer