Newbie Welcome Reception @ 9:15pm / Pick Your Brain Scavenger Hunt!

Countdown to Dustcovery!
Howdy from your Dustcovery 2018 Newbie Welcome Team!

Everybody’s invited to join us at 9:15pm for the Newbie Welcome Reception at Playa Info (on the right just after you enter Doors) for a giant rainbow welcome to Dustcovery 2018!!

Is this your first Dustcovery or local Burner event? Come and get riled up, learn more about how things work at our events and meet some awesome, experienced burners! During this welcome reception, you will:

  • Hear from Rangers about playing safely at Burner events
  • Learn about the year-round efforts of the GVIAS, our non-profit society that makes our events possible
  • Get the lowdown on what exactly all these Principles are about from some experienced (but not jaded) Burners

After the Newbie Welcome, you’ll have just enough time to grab a drink, or make a quick round of the venue before heading outside to catch the fire show at 10:15pm!

For the rest of the evening, we hope you’ll join in on a GIANT Scavenger Hunt that will help you meet some amazing Burners! Newbies, recent arrivals and long-time Burners are all encouraged to stick their heads together and discover hidden gems in this community of ours!

Come say hello to our amazing volunteers at Playa Info anytime during the evening for a yak, a Scavenger Hunt card and a good time!

Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday! !

Joss & The Newbie Welcome Team!

Still looking for volunteer hours? Come volunteer with us for a 90 minute shift of high-energy Immediacy and Radical Inclusion!
Apply through Volcor and make sure to click Newbie Hub in your application!
Alternately, send me an email at if you need assistance!