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Dustcovery 2018, Sat Nov 17 @ Plaza of Nations!

Dustcovery 2018
Saturday, November 17 at 8:30 PM – 2 AM
SAVE THE DATE! You won’t want to miss this.

Connecting with fellow burners, making new friends, dance floors, DJs, art installations, theme camps, fire show, indoor and outdoor space – It’s all going to happen!

We have secured a new location right downtown in the old casino at Plaza of Nations.

Ticket info, volunteer sign-ups, art and theme camp applications – all coming soon.

Facebook Event, invite your friends!

Art grants for Dustcovery are now open!
Bring your art, theatre, game, or performance, we’ll give you up to $500 to help make it happen!!
Application deadline is Oct 9.

Note: The Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society and the Dustcovery Producer are in the process of applying to Burning Man Project to be an official Burning Man Regional Decompression event.

Dustcovery 2017 Feedback Loop

Thanks everyone for a sublime evening of community & celebration.
Our production would love to have your feedback about the event. There’s just a few questions and it helps to have your input for planning future events.
Andi Candi
Dustcovery 2017 Producer

Event Schedule

For those of you who like to know what’s happening when… here’s a general outline schedule of events.

► Art installations & Theme Camps + Layout:
► Sound Stages schedule & Performers info:

• 6pm Online ticket sales end
• 8:30pm Doors Open
• 8:30pm – 9:00pm Main Stage Live performance: Sara Garber
• 8:30pm – 10:00pm Angel Stage: Steve M
• 9:00pm – 10:00pm Main Stage: Wylie
••• 9:15pm Newbie Reception at the Pillars of Principles (inside)
• 10:00pm – 10:30pm Fire Performance (outside)
• 10:30pm-11:30pm Main Stage: Phenomenon
• 10:30pm – 11:20pm Angel Stage: Khan
• 11:20pm – 12:10am Angel Stage: Tango
• 11:30pm-12:30am Main Stage: Smoothie
• 12am Shuttle Bus # 1 leaves to King George Skytrain Station only.
• 2am Shuttle Bus # 2 leaves for Vancouver, 1 stop at Hampton Inn, Final Destination Safeway Parking lot, Commercial & Broadway.
• 12:10am – 1:00am Angel Stage: Diem
• 12:30am-1:30am Main Stage: Sex Traffic Panda
• 1:30am-2:30am Main Stage: Aaron Delafunk
••• 1:45am Last Call at both bars (Garden Bar & Vandango Bar)
• 2:30am-3:30am Main Stage: Mykey
• 3:30am Time to go home!
• 3:30am Shuttle Bus # 3 leaves for Vancouver, 1 stop at Hampton Inn, Final Destination: Safeway Parking lot, Commercial & Broadway.

• Lillith (Siobhan McCarthy)
• Naseem
• Marie Specht – spoken word artist

• Arrive at 10am to start tear down – Waffles & coffee will be served!!
• 2:30pm – Final sweep
• 3pm clear out, everyone must be done/off the premises
• 3pm Producer meets with venue manager for walk through & sign off 🙂

squishelle/Comms Lead

Theme Camps & Art Installations Announced!!

Theme Camps & Art Installations Announced!!

Time to pump up the excitement with a preview of the Theme Camps & Art installations that will be at Dustcovery 2017!

Infinite gratitude to all of the dedicated artists, musicians, creators, makers, and loads of volunteers for taking the time & energy to bring all of these wonderful projects to share openly with the community. You’re what makes it a Burner event!

Wanna see the list? It’s on the website here:

(updates to Sound & Performances coming soon)

squishelle/Comms Lead


Hi everyone, we still have some empty shifts available that we really need covered for Dustcovery this Saturday. Not getting these shifts covered means things like the bar might having to close early, shuttles not leaving on time, way longer lineups at the gate, etc. Please sign up for these shifts and help us make this the best Dustcovery ever! Remember, any hours spent volunteering at Dustcovery go towards the hours needed for access to the advanced ticket sale (4-19 volunteer hrs) or a directed ticket (over 19 volunteer hrs) for BiTF 2018.

  • Transportation: 6:30-8:30pm Friday evening and 4-6pm Sunday afternoon (volunteers needed to help load infrastructure gear from the GVIAS locker into the transport truck)
  • Bar: 11:30-1am and 1-2am (cash/drink ticket sales) & 1-2am (bar float)
  • Gate: 7:30-9pm, 9-10:30pm and 9:30-11pm
  • Performers: 8-10pm, 10pm-midnight and midnight-2am (help make sure everyone who’s signed up to perform is at the correct location for their specified time)
  • Shuttles: 9:30-11:30pm, 12-1am, 2-3am **Please note that you do not have to be signed up for any of the shuttles during these times in order to do the volunteer shift**
  • Popcorn: 10:30pm-midnight (making and serving popcorn!)

Click on this link to do the survey and let us know which team you’d like to volunteer with:

Adeline and Krystal
Dustcovery 2017 Volunteer Coordination Co-Leads

Dustcovery this Saturday! Tickets, tickets, tickets!

Dustcovery this Saturday! Tickets, tickets, tickets!
You don’t want to miss this Decompression event! 1000+ people, 2 sound stages, fire show, live performers, outdoor and indoor space full of interactive art installations and 2 bars.
We even have a free shuttle to pick you up in Vancouver, from the King George Skytrain and then back to the skytrain and downtown Van again when it’s time to go home!
Just a reminder there will be no tickets at the door so get yours now! All of the information you need to purchase a ticket is live on the Tickets page on the website!
andi candi
Dustcovery 2017 Producer

Last call for Fire performers

Hey Fire Performers and Techs.

Last call for performers who are interested in being in the Dustcovery fire show. Deadline for submissions is Nov 7th at midnight.
Please email me at and let me know what tools you use.
You must be able to attend a rehearsal at 7:30pm the day of the show.
And you must be sober to perform at 10pm.

Interested in being one of our fire safety techs for the fire show. We are still looking.
If you have experience we could use you, but if not we will have a training session at 7:30pm the day of the event. Pls email me at the address above if you are interested.

Ty Fawks
Fire Performance Lead for Dustcovery

Callout for more volunteers!

Holy time flies, we’re one week away from the event! We still have some teams that need your help to fill volunteer spots. Help us make sure this event runs super smooth as well as help to make it the best Dustcovery yet! Here are the teams we still need volunteers for:

-Bar: we really need some volunteers with SIR as without a couple of them on the bar per shift, no alcohol can be sold or served. We also need some more bartenders!
-Gate: help scan all the attendees through as quickly as possible so they can get in their and get their fun on
-Shuttles: we need shuttle hosts to help make sure everyone who’s signed up for the shuttles get on the right bus as well as making sure they’re actually signed up for that time and that the bus driver is also a-okay
-Performers: help make sure the nights models/performers are where they’re supposed to be at the correct times and that everything is on schedule
-Transportation: help load all the gear into the truck before the event and help unload it out of the truck after the event

Click on this link to fill out the survey and let us know which team you’d like to help out with:

Krystal & Adeline
Dustcovery 2017 Volunteer Coordination Co-Leads

Newbie Reception for fresh Burners! 9:15pm

My very first burner event was the Afterglow decompression event. It was life changing and I got hooked! Dustcovery is the perfect event to invite those friends of yours who have always been curious about all the crazy fun you have!

We will be hosting a “Newbie Reception” at 9:15pm on event night at the Pillars of Principles (you can see them in the photo below!). We will have someone(s) from the GVIAS board and a Ranger to welcome people and talk a little bit about our burner culture.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standingI am looking for a few experienced burners who are willing to come say hello to newbs or possibly be willing to share something about our culture, the 10 principles or what they love about being a burner.

Please PM me if you are willing and able to help acculturate some newbies!

andi candi (That’s me with the headset in the photo! Come say hello if you are new!)
Dustcovery 2017 Producer

Bar Announcement

Imagine, if you will, entering into the Garden of Good & Evil, which path should you choose??

Either way, you have come prepared for what lies ahead armed with your trusty water cup and cash and a sense of purpose knowing that all proceeds go towards GVIAS for arts grants and other necessary local burnery things. You are ready!
Onward, to adventure!

2 ATMS on site
Bring your own cups for water (aiming for zero waste)
2:30 am Last Call

Danielle “Sassypants”
Dustcovery Bar Lead