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Art & Theme Camps for 2018


Here’s a list of all of the phenomenal theme camps & art projects being shared  at Dustcovery.
Remember, doors open at 8pm, and event ends at 2am. COME EARLY to experience all the goodness!
ALL OF THIS is gifted to the community by YOU, the participants. Do not simply go forth blindly and consume, but instead participate! Look for ways that you can help support these creators and artists, whether helping with set up & teardown, or volunteering with the event production. To be a part of the creation of this event, check out the Volunteer page to sign up.

Massive props to the Art Placement team, Kristen & Kyle, for their heroic efforts & great sense of space in placing all of these projects on site!

See list on the Art & Theme Camps page.

Signage volunteers needed Tues & Sat

Are you a crafty human looking for a chill way to get in some volunteer hours before the event? Volunteer hours that can add up for use towards a directed or early access ticket to Burn In The Forest? Well step right up, folx, have I got the gig for you! SIGNAGE needs people to put their artful hands to work all in the name of ensuring happy, rainbow clad burners can party the night away without getting lost!

TUESDAY, November 13 – Work Party! Cut, paint, paste, stick, stamp and fold all night. Let’s make those signs! There is space three or so more humans available this evening to get arty with me at my home in Burnaby.

SATURDAY, November 17th – Signage Installation. Why make all those signs if we aren’t going to use them?! Saturday afternoon I will need to people to join me at the venue to put up the signs. Of all the setup activities available, I’d say this one is pretty low-key but it may require occasional use of height adjustment devices (ie ladders).

Interested parties can feel free to email for more details and assignment. 

Also don’t forget:
Your hours from volunteering from this year’s events (BitF 2018, Dustcovery 2018, & Recharge 2019) count towards one of two ways to get tickets for BitF 2019: 1) for 4-19 hours you get access to the volunteer Advanced Ticket Sale which is a first come, first served pool of tickets reserved for volunteers, or 2) over 19 hours will get you access to your very own Directed (assured) ticket.

Signage Lead

Puck’s Palace Main Stage DJ Lineup

Puck’s Palace is pleased to return to the main stage at Dustcovery with an all-star lineup! This year’s theme is “don’t throw stones in glass houses”.


8-9 ❥ I.M. Ian 
9-10 ❥ Kevin Gamble
10-11 ❥ Phenomedon
11-12 ❥ Smoothie
12-1 ❥ Sex Traffic Panda
1-2 ❥ Skywalker


Don’t forget that 100 more tickets are available Monday at 1 pm if you didn’t get one yet.

See you there!!!


– Peter
Puck’s Palace

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More tickets available Monday 1pm!

Amazing! Thanks to everyone’s enthusiasm, Dustcovery sold out over 2 weeks in advance of the event! WOW! And volunteer signups have been exemplary as well, thank you! There are still some areas looking for vollies, check out the website blog or pinned post in the Fb event page for callouts.

Guess what!? The Producers have negotiated with the venue, and we will now have access to a portion of the mezzanine! Which means… we can increase our capacity.  Happy dance, indeed!

We will be releasing 100 more tickets on Monday November 12 at 1pm PST. We expect these will go very quickly, judging by the number of ticket seekers posting on the Fb event page.

So get ready to purchase your tickets, tell your friends, check the TICKET PAGE on the website & and refresh the Eventbrite page at 1pm Monday to see the available tickets.

TICKET TRANSFERS: read info at

To be mindful of others looking to buy or sell tickets, PLEASE DELETE your post on the FB event page once you’re sorted!

10 days to go!

Dustcovery Production Team


Good stewardship guidelines / Prohibited Items

Hello everyone. Andi Candi here, your Dustcovery producer for this year, with a little info for you! Please take the time to quickly read through.

Securing this venue and the permits to have this event in Vancouver has been somewhat of an arduous process. I am excited that we get to have a decompression event downtown and it would be great to be able to do it again!

I am asking each and every one of you who will be attending to be good stewards of the space, to respect our neighbours around the venue and to help one another to be accountable to our 10 Principles.

There are a few guidelines we need to follow:
1) No gum, lasers, weapons of any kind or outside alcohol is allowed to enter the venue.
You might ask, “Why no gum?” That’s because this venue is carpeted.
Also, bag searches will be happening. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

2) There is a ZERO tolerance for visible drug taking. If security sees you partaking you will be ejected from the event immediately.

3) There is no smoking or vaping inside the building. Period. There will be a designated smoking area outside.

4) Please respect the neighbours who live nearby when you are outdoors or leaving the event. We don’t want a noise complaint to shut us down.

5) We encourage you to bring a reusable water container. It must be empty when you arrive. There will be water jugs on the bars to refill your water.

Let’s all have an awesome time and help each other to be good stewards!



Prohibited Items:
– Chewing gum or super sticky candy (the floor is carpeted!)
– Weapons (of any sort)
– Lasers (leave that to us)
– Outside alcohol (we have plenty inside)
– Drugs (just don’t)
– Drink containers… these are fine but please empty before entering
Venue Rules:
– ABSOLUTELY no smoking or vaping inside the venue (smoking area is outside)
– No alcohol outside
– ZERO tolerance for drug taking

Seriously, if you are seen to be disregarding any of these rules/restrictions you will be ejected IMMEDIATELY… and that sucks!

Andi Candi
Dustcovery 2018 Producer

Parking Volunteers Needed

Hey everyone – I am in need of several volunteers for Dustcovery Parking.

I have 2 types of shifts to be filled:

no parking - burning-man 2005, art, blowed up, burning man, fandango, mwahaha, no parking signLoading bay Pre/Post event – involves directing artists to the loading area and free parking lot. This role will be daytime before and the day after the event; perfect for those not wanting to miss a single minute of Dustcovery action. BONUS! If you are working the early shifts, and driving, you will have dibs at the limited free parking.

Event Parking – these roles are during the event but EARLY (7:45 – 11pm). We are going to place ourselves in strategic areas to provide our friends direc

tions to where they can find parking, entrances, bike parking, Modo and Evo parking or just wave to them as they climb out of their taxi!

But it’s outside! It might be cold! It might Rain!! I hear you and I got you covered! If you lend me your body wrapped in your best November outdoors gear, I will make sure you have hot beverages to warm your insides and hands during your shift.

Also don’t forget:
Your hours from volunteering from this year’s events (BitF 2

018, Dustcovery 2018, & Recharge 2019) count towards one of two ways to get tickets for BitF 2019: 1) for 4-19 hours you get access to the volunteer Advanced Ticket Sal

e which is a first come, first served pool of tickets reserved for volunteers, or 2) over 19 hours will get you access to your very own Directed (assured) ticket.

To get in on the easiest volunteer shift you’ve ever had go to
and tell them how much you want to be part of the parking crew.

Thanks in advance!
Ash Smash
Dustcovery 2018 Parking Lead

Performance/Volunteer opportunity

You bought your ticket ? Good !
You have a LED Hoop or Poi or Fans ? Great !
You like to be on the spotlight high up on stage ? Awesome !

I also need (semi professional) Dancers (about 4, all gender)

Contact us at
Subject: Performance

Thank you 
xo Adeline & Lauren
Your Dustcovery 2018 Volunteer Co-Leads



ARTISTS!! Dustcovery DEADLINE approaching

ARTISTS!! Dustcovery DEADLINE approaching

We are looking for FUN, INTERACTIVE pieces to fill our incredible new space at the plaza of nations Vancouver!!

If you wish to bring your art, please follow the link below to the GVIAS website complete the application form at:

Submissions are due by MONDAY NOV 5th!!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

Note: you MUST buy / have a ticket to the event!
As of yesterday, we were down to 55 tix left!


Kristen Huskins & Kyle Almond
Art Placement Co-Leads
Dustcovery 2018

Teardown/LNT volunteers callout

Calling all you sleep-deprived, hungover, and generally miserable Rainbows & Robots! TEARDOWN/LNT is looking for a few more heroic volunteers to help out on post-Dustcovery Sunday morning from 10am-3pm. Let’s share around the ibuprofen, chug some coffee, and get it done!
Sign up to volunteer on the website:
xo Lauren & Adeline
your Dustcovery 2018 Volunteer Co-Leads

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