Art & Theme Camps 2017

Calling all artists & theme camps 2017

We have a larger space this year and we need to fill it up!
Bring art you already have. Make new art.
Is your theme camp uber interactive? Bring it! Tell us how you envision it at Dustcovery!

We wish to cordially invite you to share your art & theme camps with your Burning Man community at Dustcovery, Vancouver’s annual official Decompression event. The theme of the evening is “Garden of Good and Evil”. The first portion of the evening at Dustcovery will be full of live performances, a fire performance show and opportunities to create collaborative works of art. The second portion of the evening will feature 2 sound stages and the chance to dance all night long!
All participants, including producers, volunteers and artists, must buy their own tickets (there are NO directed tickets!). Tickets go on sale TUESDAY OCTOBER 10th.

If you wish to bring your art or theme camp please complete the form at:

Submissions are due by October 31!!!

(Deadline has now passed for GVIAS Art Grants)
And remember, GVIAS is still accepting ART GRANT APPLICATIONS until OCTOBER 10th! You may receive up to $500 for new interactive art projects, up to $250 for the refurbishment or expansion of an existing interactive art project, or up to $100 for a smaller or non-interactive project.
Please go to to apply for a grant!!!

Please visit the website for full event information:
RSVP & invite friends on the Facebook event page:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
Kristen​ & Yvonne​
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Dustcovery 2017