Art & Theme Camps for 2018


Here’s a list of all of the phenomenal theme camps & art projects being shared  at Dustcovery.
Remember, doors open at 8pm, and event ends at 2am. COME EARLY to experience all the goodness!
ALL OF THIS is gifted to the community by YOU, the participants. Do not simply go forth blindly and consume, but instead participate! Look for ways that you can help support these creators and artists, whether helping with set up & teardown, or volunteering with the event production. To be a part of the creation of this event, check out the Volunteer page to sign up.

Massive props to the Art Placement team, Kristen & Kyle, for their heroic efforts & great sense of space in placing all of these projects on site!


  • Oasis of Om
    Providing a massage station (give a little love, take a little love / peer-provided massage), a chill area, altar, and a vat full of hot chai.
  • The Empress
    Serving delicious tea and cookies in a Victorian Steam Punk themed space
  • The Really Lost Penguins
    Providing a relaxation space with interesting lighting, lower volume deep music, and video projection of penguin related videos.


Action Faction Minute to Win it! Playing fun Minute to Win it type games with prizes!
Badger’s Peekaboo Forest of Destiny Full size glowing light up tree. Tree has little peep holes in the knots in the trunk where you can gaze inside to see an image, and then find the correlating image in Badgers’ book nearby to read your ~destiny~. It’s like tarot.
Beat Burner It is a big Reuben’s tube with a microphone. Participants can make sounds into the microphone and watch the fire react to their voice. Participants can also bring instruments that require sound amplification to play into the tube. OR Alternatively, participants can plug in any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack and play their favorite song.
BEEP BOOP Trash Post Essentially its a lamppost made from found objects with a roboesque head straight from the dusty depths of point 4 in Black Rock City. More blinky lights to stimulate your eye holes.
Berzerkatroid the Dragon Giant fire-breathing dragon
Big Burner Book of Electric Magic We are creating a Big Burner Book of Electric Magic to add to the library! Page 1 of this book will be packed with “magic” touch, pet, and push activated sounds, and lights. As a group of people interact with the page a new creation is made.
Big Burner Book of Science This Giant book is loaded with fun interactive science projects. Play with magnetic Ferrofluid, learn about circuts, make fun art with glow in the dark paint, play with the thermo wall!
Blank Sign Booth This is a freestanding, mobile, LED-illuminated booth. It has two signs on it that direct people to “stand here,” behind the booth, and pick one one of the signs such as “Bad Advice,” “Free Hugs,” “Gifts,” or a dozen others. The person standing behind the booth can then give out those services! 🙂
Clown Noses of Emotion The clown noses of emotion comedy booth creates space for emotional release through play. Participants walk up to the booth and choose a coloured clown nose off our “menu”, while another mirrors the emotion associated with each colour. The final nose is black, where participants connect to their deepest, weirdest improvised self.
Divination Station Lovely station where people lineup to get their divination read (fortune told). Lots of good opportunities to connect and find clarity.
Dome Tones Dome Tones consists of 3 different sizes of acoustic reflectors that will naturally amplify and modulate the sound of talking, whispering, singing into the domes back towards participants interacting with them.
Drift Mobile Buffer Massage A team of Buffer Therapists will wander around with massage buffers in hand ready to buff whoever wants buffed!! So buff!!!
Elemental Motion sensors sense participant’s movements and causes lights to move.
Fire flower People get to pull a chain to make big fire, also makes a great gathering spot.
Hairy Chest Glory Hole Stroke the furry wall! All chests welcome! Standing anonymously behind the sign indicates you have given permission to anyone approaching from the other side to stroke, pet, or otherwise touch your chest. Please act respectfully.
Hardly Hear It’s an ear plug station that’s lit up from the inside and is shaped like an ear. It’s pretty and provides ear plugs for those that need them.
Horn of Plenty Participants are invited to explore inside of our ~15’x30′ lit inflatable space filled with reflective ribbons. The space is a relaxing escape from the craziness outside.
Interactive Free Speech Canvas in Movement The canvas is carried on my back while traveling through space/time/people & having a place for the expression of feelings and messages.
Janky Xylophone and The Chimed Catastophy It is a free standing frame with reclaimed wood and metal to create a musical instrument. It’s steampunk themed and it will have lanterns to light it up.
Nucleus Nucleus is an interactive, LED, floral-fire, art piece. Nucleus is intended as a gathering place; a place around which new ideas, new thoughts, new connections and new friends are made.
Pedicab Birdcage Same old birdcage tricycle. But this time we are taking out the piano and putting in a circus hoop. Open for all to perform and play on. Come for a ride and sing along.
Pillars of Principles Each of the 10 Principles of Burning Man appear on a 6 ft tall solar powered pillar lighting the way through the night. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn about the 10 guiding Principles of our community.
Puzzle Pieces Participants use paint markers to design a single foam tile that connects to hundreds of other participants’ artwork
Radiance Towers 600 RGB LEDS on each tower make a very dynamic lightshow
Rainbow cakes 10pm until 2am. This installment is a pancake station for all the hungry Dustcovery goers! Pancakes will be colour coded with sprinkles and a colour legend will have fun ice-breaking tasks/challenges for the pancake eaters to complete.
Rainbow Doof Puppet It towers over the heads of people on the dance floor. Participants are welcome to take a turn at “puppeteering”.
Rave Cart It responds to sound and also it moves
Room of Doom It’s a budget amusement park ride, when you sit inside the room of doom, while it spins around you. We’ll also have the face of fear set up outside it to show one of the faces of fear in the room of doom.
Shutterbuggy The Shutterbuggy is a mobile photo booth modeled after a 1940s camera.
Snail Mail It is a post dated note/letter delivery booth so people can write notes to themselves/friends and receive them at BitF 2019. A PO box will be set up at BitF for people to find the “reminders” they’ve left themselves and their friends.
Storytelling Caravan People enter into caravan in small groups and tell stories using visual metaphor cards.
The Love Bus Pink, long, balls, lights, fun!
Volcanotron It has ultrasonic sound sensors that measure how close people stand to the piece, between 1 cm and 2 meters. The distance alters the patterns displayed on the LED strips
What the Eye sees when it is Closed My pieces induce collective conversation, bring a sense of awe and wonder, and provide a tranquil yet powerful focal point. Also they are very trippy:) I produce original oil paintings on old Heritage windows, frames still intact.
WTF Adoption Agency Modeled after the Dino Adoption Agency, self-serve stuffed animal adoption station.