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You have purchased a ticket to Dustcovery. If you purchased more than one, it is your responsibility to forward this message to each ticket holder under your purchase. Thank you!

Hello everyone. Andi Candi here, your Dustcovery Producer for this year, with a little info for you! Please take the time to read through.

Securing this venue and the permits to have this event in Vancouver has been somewhat of an arduous process. I am excited that we get to have a Decompression event downtown and it would be great to be able to do it again!

I am asking each and every one of you who will be attending to be good stewards of the space, to respect our neighbours around the venue and to help one another to be accountable to our 10 Principles.

Please respect the neighbours who live nearby when you are outdoors or leaving the event. We don’t want a noise complaint to shut us down.

Let’s all have an awesome time and help each other to be good stewards!


Absolutely no door sales are available. If you have friends looking for tickets, their only chance is to check the FB event page and put their name on the spreadsheet & hope someone callls them last minute. Info:

Website & Blog

Critical info that we hope everyone will know is below. Lots more info is posted on the website and blog. Volunteer callouts, Art Projects (35!), Theme Camps (3), DJ Sound Stages & Lineups & lots more! Check it out!

Wristband & Waiver

You will receive a wristband after your ticket has been scanned. By accepting this wristband, you will be agreeing to the terms set out in the waiver at the end of the this document. Please read it carefully before attending the event.

What to bring

  • Your ID. You must have at least one piece of government ID in order to get into the event.
  • Your ticket, either printed or digitally on your phone.
  • You may bring an empty water receptacle into the event. It must be empty when you arrive.
  • Your own drinking vessel for miso soup gifting (outside)
  • Wear layers! There are indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • There will be water jugs at the bar so you can refill water throughout the night.

What not to bring


Prohibited Items:

  • Chewing gum or super sticky candy (the floor is carpeted!)
  • Weapons (of any sort)
  • Lasers (leave that to us)
  • Outside alcohol (we have plenty inside)
  • Drugs (just don’t)
  • Drink containers… these are fine but please empty before entering

Venue Rules:

  • ABSOLUTELY no smoking or vaping inside the venue (smoking area is outside)
  • No alcohol outside
  • ZERO tolerance for drug taking

Seriously, if you are seen to be disregarding any of these rules/restrictions you will be ejected IMMEDIATELY… and that sucks!

There will be bag checks. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

Food trucks

We will have Chickpea Food Truck and El Cartel Food Truck at Dustcovery this year! On behalf of GVIAS and the Production team, they will be offering free snacks starting at 8pm until they run out. Come early!

Coat Check Info

The venue has recently informed us they will be running a coat check on the mezzanine level. Cost will be $5. Other option includes bringing a bag to store your items in a corner, at your own risk. Please don’t bring valuables.

Getting There

Our venue is the old casino, now called:
Harbour Convention Centre
760 Pacific Boulevard
Vancouver, BC V6B 5E7
Google Maps Link

Please see where the main entrance is on this map:

The Harbour Convention Centre is at the Plaza of Nations – don’t go to that other Harbour Centre!

Parking Options

(See blog post for maps)

Limited Free Parking

Our producers were able secure 140 parking spaces for the event. They will be available during the day for set-up crew, artists, BC Rangers and volunteers and will continue to be free during the event and until teardown the next day (Time TBD). THESE SPOTS ARE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Given the limited number, please do not rely on free parking being available; if you are not part of the set-up crew or early volunteer shifts, there is a good chance they will be gone.

You will find these spaces marked off on the South side of Pacific Blvd just as you are approaching BC Place – See photo for a closer look.


  1. There is an Impark underground parking just past our free parking lot. This location also boasts 6 Modo and 6 Evo parking spaces if you choose to ride share.

  2. The next closest parking is a huge pay lot slightly further down Pacific Blvd.

Stadium Skytrain is about 5 minutes walking distance.
Route 023 stops: East bound Pacific Blvd @ Marinaside Cres
Route 017 or N17: Smithe Street @ Expo Blvd

RV Parking
For anyone coming from out of town requiring RV parking, the best location that’s nearby to the venue will be by the Home Depot on Terminal Ave & Glen Dr (see map link for reference).

It’s still a fair distance from the venue so be prepared to taxi, bus or walk.

Whatever you do, however you get there, be safe and be sober!

Lots of love,
Jennifer (Ash Smash) your Parking Lead

Newbie Welcome @ 9:15pm / Pick Your Brain Scavenger Hunt!

Howdy from your Dustcovery 2018 Newbie Welcome Team!

Everybody’s invited to join us at 9:15pm for the Newbie Welcome Reception at Playa Info (on the right just after you enter Doors) for a giant rainbow welcome to Dustcovery 2018!!

Is this your first Dustcovery or local Burner event? Come and get riled up, learn more about how things work at our events and meet some awesome, experienced burners! During this welcome reception, you will:

  • Hear from Rangers about playing safely at Burner events
  • Learn about the year-round efforts of the GVIAS, our non-profit society that makes our events possible
  • Get the lowdown on what exactly all these Principles are about from some experienced (but not jaded) Burners

After the Newbie Welcome, you’ll have just enough time to grab a drink, or make a quick round of the venue before heading outside to catch the fire show at 10:15pm!

For the rest of the evening, we hope you’ll join in on a GIANT Scavenger Hunt that will help you meet some amazing Burners! Newbies, recent arrivals and long-time Burners are all encouraged to stick their heads together and discover hidden gems in this community of ours!

Come say hello to our amazing volunteers at Playa Info anytime during the evening for a yak, a Scavenger Hunt card and a good time!

Can’t wait to see you all on Saturday! !

Joss & The Newbie Welcome Team!

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims,

Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement

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