2016 Art, Performances, Sound Camps


  • The Ballsy Rocker 2.0– Sail the high seas on this 10 ft. light up rocking ship.
  • The Burner Book of “Is this Art?”– Create a page of art in this 8ft tall book.
  • DaVinci’s House Escape Room– Can YOU escape DaVinci’s workshop?!
  • Directionless- Look for this signpost to guide you on your journey.
  • The Furry Hot Tub– Who needs water when you’ve got fur???
  • Horn of Plenty– Enter this inflatable cornucopia sculpture filled with positive messaging.
  • Hypnotrike– Take a spin on this pedal powered trike that includes hypnotic decorations and lighting.
  • Jellyfish Ocean– Walk through a sea of delicate glowing jellyfish.
  • Jellyfish Plounge – Lounge under the whimsical light up jellyfish
  • Jar of Sand– Contemplate this large scale replica of a canning jar filled with plastic marine debris collected from oceans and beaches of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Laser Mandala– Use a laser to create patterns on a glow in the dark surface.
  • The Love Bus– Release your inner child with this giant ball pit in a pink school bus!
  • Nomadic Nest– Lounge in this nest for humans!
  • Pillars of Principles – Do you know what the 10 Principles of Burning Man are?
  • Rainbow Raceway– Race your friends in real life Mario Kart!
  • Registroid v.3.1 “Ruby”– Cash in with this mutant vintage cash register that is a playable, interactive electro-house looping machine.
  • Shattering Self– Monotype Print
  • Sketching Vignette – Sketch or model, if you dare!
  • Shadow Play – Go behind the screen and perform – sexy or silly, you choose!
  • The Orca Project– Swim with this large scale wooden orca sculpture.
  • Tiltation of Light– Grab a friend to ride this light up see-saw.
  • Titanoboa– Slither around with this 50 ft electromechanical serpent machine
  • Topple– Do you have a steady hand, a keen eye, and good balance? Then grab a few friends and come play Topple!
  • Trick or Treat– Knock on the door! Show them your costume! Get a Treat!
  • Volcanotron– interact with LED light strings
  • The Yard – Make your way into the picket fenced yard to lounge or play interactive games


On the Main Stage:

  • Sara Garber (Mad Hatter) – Electric Keyboard/Singer
  • Bradford King – Male vocals/Dark lyrical folk rock
  • Marina Legace – Soloist/Acoustic Guitar
  • Jaia Kydd (JAIAquarian) – Vocal Stylings/Electric Ukelele
  • Disco Funeral – Gypsy Funk Rock

Off Stage:

  • Beautify-A Performance Piece by Victoria Petrovna
  • Big Shadow Project (Stilt Walkers)
  • Touch (Acro Yoga)


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