RV / Vehicle Camping

RV / VEHICLE CAMPING (no tent camping!)

Anyone wishing to remain in their enclosed vehicle on site overnight / after the end of the event, must register on site, park in the designated lot and obtain/display a $10 Parking Pass.

  1. A pass to “camp” in your RV, van, tent trailer, car or any enclosed vehicle, is $10.
  2. The RV Parking lot gate is officially open and passes available between 7:00-9:00 PM. If you arrive early to volunteer with set up to to bring an art project, please find Andi, Sparkle or Mitch.
  3. After 9:00 PM passes will be available at the ticket check in.
  4. QUIET ZONE! The parking lot was designed to be a safe place to crash and not as a Pre-Party or After Party Lot. This goes for all participants!
  5. Absolutely no amplified sound systems.
  6. No open fires.
  7. Passes must be displayed and visible.
  8. Don’t take up more room than you need.
  9. There will be a porta-potty available in the RV/Vehicle Camping area.
  10. NO tenting allowed.

The RV Camp Parking lot is located right behind the Show Barn this year, and the entrance is from 62nd Avenue as indicated on the map below:



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