Teardown/LNT volunteers callout

Calling all you sleep-deprived, hungover, and generally miserable Rainbows & Robots! TEARDOWN/LNT is looking for a few more heroic volunteers to help out on post-Dustcovery Sunday morning from 10am-3pm. Let’s share around the ibuprofen, chug some coffee, and get it done!
Sign up to volunteer on the website: http://dustcovery.gvias.org/participate/volunteer/
xo Lauren & Adeline
your Dustcovery 2018 Volunteer Co-Leads

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GVIAS grants awarded to 21 projects, totalling $5,468 of funding

GVIAS and the GVIAS Art Grant Committee are pleased to announce that 21 projects are receiving a total of $5,468 of funding to help them bring their art to Dustcovery!

Brian P on behalf of the GVIAS Art Grant Committee

NOTE: All projects need to apply to the Dustcovery Placement Team Leads for inclusion at the event! You can still apply to bring non-GVIAS funded art & projects, deadline is Monday Nov 5th.

Callout for a few things…

Are you excited yet? Our production team sure is! We are busy bees getting everything planned for you to have an amazing decompression.

The beautiful thing about burner events are that they are co-created by every single person who attends – artists who bring their art, theme camps who bring fun activities, DJs, performers, volunteers and participants who wear costumes, bring their enthusiasm and sense of wonder.

As the producer, I have a few asks:

1) Does anyone have the expertise to bring projections? There is a gorgeous ceiling “tunnel’ that runs through the main area of the venue that is 2 very tall stories high. It is perfect for projections! Please PM me.

2) I need 2 “bathroom fairies”. We like to provide some extras in the bathrooms like hairspray, bobby pins, mints, mouthwash, etc. I need 2 people who are willing to replenish the supplies 3 times throughout the evening. This will only take about 15 minute each time. Please PM me if this is something you can do.

3) Consider volunteering! It’s fun, you get to meet new people and contribute to the event. Go here: http://dustcovery.gvias.org/participate/volunteer/

4) If you have artistic lighting installations, we want them! Please PM me.

Andi Candi
2018 Dustcovery Producer

We are at 75% capacity!

Don’t have your ticket yet? We are at 75% capacity! We expect a sellout is imminent.
If you’re thinking of coming, please buy your tickets asap!
Tell your friends to read the info & blog on the website, especially the ones who’ve never been to a burner event, and always say they want to, or those you know aren’t paying attention:
[Oh… but I didn’t know it was going to sell out!?] … [I didn’t see any posts about it!].

Tickets Available NOW!

Tickets Available NOW!

Vancouver’s Official Regional Burning Man Decompression event
Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 8pm – 2am
Harbour Convention Centre, Downtown Vancouver

All info & ticket buying link at:


Please see the BLOG on the website or the FB event page for all pertinent updates!

squishelle on behalf of the Dustcovery Production Team
Dustcovery Communications

Dustcovery Door Team needs doorbitches of all genders, persuasions, orientations and associations!

Dustcovery Door Team needs doorbitches of all genders, persuasions, orientations and associations!

– Dominatrix
– Bartender
– Movie PA
– Schoolteacher
– Lizardman
– Paperfolder

– Royal guard
– Planking experts
– Hyperactive children

– Chat up the hotttties first on their way into the venue
– Show off your awesome costume
– Glowing pride and warm feels
– Set the tone for the party YOU want to see
Be the living embodiment of
– Civic responsibility
– Participation
– Communal effort
And best of all…
– Vollies get access to early ticket sales for BitF next year!
(*with min. req. banked volunteer hours)
(*some additional conditions apply)

Follow this link: http://dustcovery.gvias.org/participate/volunteer/
Fill out the volunteer survey
Be part of the crew!

Art & Theme Camp applications open

Calling all artists!

We wish to cordially invite you to share your art with your Burning Man community at DUSTCOVERY 2018. We are looking for FUN, INTERACTIVE pieces to fill our incredible new space at the plaza of nations Vancouver!!

If you wish to bring your art, please complete the form at:
Dustcovery 2018 Art and Theme Camps

Submissions are due by MONDAY NOV 5th!!! Please feel free to contact me with any questions at dustcovery-art@gvias.org

And remember, GVIAS is still accepting ART GRANT APPLICATIONS until OCTOBER 9th! You may receive up to $500 for new interactive art projects, up to $250 for the refurbishment or expansion of an existing interactive art project,

Please go to http://gvias.org/grants/dustcovery to apply for a grant!!!


Kristen Huskins & Kyle Almond
Art Placement Co-Leads
Dustcovery 2018

Attention fire performers and fire techs!

Attention fire performers and fire techs!
Would you like to perform at Dustcovery?

Anyone who can perform safely is welcome to apply. Let me know if you have something prepared or if you would like to join in with a group performance. Also let me know if you have music for your set or are fine jamming to whatever we play.

The show will be 30 minutes so we have plenty of room for performers of all skill levels.

Minmum requirements:

  • sobriety during performance
  • showing up early the night of Dustcovery to do a run through. Timing tbd.
  • having fire safe clothing, and your own fire tools.

Cut off for signup is Nov 4th.
Email me at lanternsflame@gmail.com

Please note, there are no discounts or tickets for performers. We do it because we love it:)

Dustcovery Fire Performance Lead

PS: Also we are seeking fire techs to keep us safe. Message me if you can help.


Info page for reference: Fire Show

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Announcing our Production Team!

Huge gratitude for all of these lovely folks who’ve stepped up to take on a leadership role to make this event spectacular! These people are busy bees already deep in planning.

Associate Producers – Hazel S and Scott L-K
Art and Theme Camps – Kristen H and Kyle A
Door – Kate F
Volunteers – Adeline Lalita T and Lauren H
Communications and Burning Man Regional Contact – squishelle
Decor – Eve W and Chelsea B
Puck’s Main Stage – Peter B
Ravebots Stage – Dayna and Tango
Signage – Ash H
Fire Show – Ty E
Fire Safety – Mitch B
Transport – Jay S
Surprise Activities – Madison H and Kaschelle
Newbie Reception and Activities – Joss K
Parking – Ash Smash
Rangers – Matt S