Fire Show 2019




2018 info

Attention fire performers and fire techs!
Would you like to perform at Dustcovery?

Anyone who can perform safely is welcome to apply. Let me know if you have something prepared or if you would like to join in with a group performance. Also let me know if you have music for your set or are fine jamming to whatever we play.

The show will be 30 minutes so we have plenty of room for performers of all skill levels.

Minmum requirements:

  • sobriety during performance
  • showing up early the night of Dustcovery to do a run through. Timing tbd.
  • having fire safe clothing, and your own fire tools.

Please note, there are no discounts or tickets for performers. We do it because we love it:)

PS: Also we are seeking fire techs to keep us safe. Message me if you can help.