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Shift requests are now open for Dustcovery

Hey Rangers and Rangers-to-be!

Shift requests are now open for Dustcovery, Vancouver, BC’s regional decompression event on November 11th at the Cloverdale Rodeogrounds.

Whether you’ve walked a dozen Ranger shifts or are just getting started, Dustcovery needs you! Can you Khaki? Dustcovery needs you, too! This is a much-appreciated way to give back, and also an excellent opportunity to practice your Ranger skills.

You MUST fill out this form to Ranger at the event: http://dustcovery.gvias.org/participate/volunteer/
Once you’ve completed the volunteer sign-up form you’ll be contacted to fill out the shift request form to help us build the schedule. Registering shift requests via this form does NOT yet commit you to the schedule. You will be contacted to confirm your shifts or request further changes once everyone’s shift requests are in. Please fill out the form by noon on Sunday, November 5th. We really do appreciate your efforts, and will do our best to accommodate your scheduling preferences and other commitments.

Get your event tickets here: http://dustcovery.gvias.org/tickets2017

Find event details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1699726730336419/

If you have any questions, please send us a note: dustcovery@bcrangers.ca

Thank you, Rangers! Your gift is so appreciated, and we’ll see you on the ground.

– Ranger Betty B (Megan) & Ranger Kazmira (Claire)