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VOLUNTEER while you get SHUTTLED! A multi-tasker’s dream!

This is what you’d be doing:

-Arrive 15 minutes BEFORE bus is set to leave.
-Check off those who have signed up– there should be spaces for everyone on the list.
-Make sure our solo travellers feel welcomed.
-Foster a fun environment for all!
-Encourage and foster LNT principle.
-Bring the 10 principles to the bus ride!!
-Make sure the bus driver is considered and happy so everyone gets where they are going safe!
-Those volunteering for the ride home should be riding the shuttle home also.

I need two volunteers, 9:15 pm-11:30 pm leaving from the venue.

I need two volunteers who are leaving early to start at 11:45 and take the midnight shuttle to King George Station for the last skytrain, leaving from venue.

I need two volunteers to start at 1:45am to take the 2:00am shuttle back to Vancouver, leaving from venue.

I need two volunteers to start at 3:15am to take the last shuttle back to Vancouver, leaving from the venue.

Let me or the volunteer team for Dustcovery know! dustcovery-volunteers@gvias.org

Big Tuna– Dustcovery 2017 Shuttle Lead

Shuttle Bus info announced / Rideshares

How are you getting to DUSTCOVERY?
How are you getting home?

To reserve your spot on the shuttle bus, you need to SIGN UP! You can also sign up here for RIDESHARES on the other tabs.

If you need a rides both TO the venue and HOME, make sure you sign up for both (they are under different tabs)

Shuttle Departures are SHARP:

To the venue

  • Leaving Safeway Broadway/Commercial parking lot:
    – 7:30pm
  • Leaving King George Skytrain Station (these shuttles will stop at the Hampton Inn, times specified on the sign-up sheet):
    – 8:45pm
    – 10:00pm
    – 11:00pm

Leaving the venue

  • To catch last Skytrain from King George Station — this bus does not continue into Vancouver.
    – Midnight
  • Stops at Hampton Inn first, terminus Safeway Parking Lot @ Broadway and Commercial
    – 2:00am
    – 3:30am

Sign-up sheet here: http://bit.ly/Dustcovery17Rides

-Big Tuna – Dustcovery 2017 Shuttle Lead
Facebook Event page: Dustcovery 2017