– Wed Oct 19: Self-serve Ticket Exchange: If you’re looking to sell or buy a ticket, check here first!

Tickets are available here: 

  • How much do they cost?
    • $32.50 + Quicket Fees + GST
  • How many can I buy at once?
    • Up to 2!
  • How can I pay?
  • Is there a pre-registration / or reservation phase ?
    • No. This is a simple sale; have your credit card ready starting Stepember 15th at 8:00 PM
  • Will the tickets sell out immediately?
    • Likely not. We have increased the stock sufficiently to ensure that all who want to go can go.
  • Can I buy for someone else?
    • Yes, but it is recommended that you follow the ticket transferring procedure. This ensures that the ticket holder has filled out the information correctly and has agreed to the event’s waiver. Failing to do this step could make you legally liable if something should happen to the individual you are buying for.
      Note: this is a 19+ event. Our permit with the city, liquor license and insurance are all dependent on that fact.
  • Will I need ID?
    • Yes, bring ID. It is also very important that the name on the ticket match the name on your Government ID. Please be sure it does, if it does not, you can change the name by transferring the ticket to yourself.
  • Can I get a refund?
  • Are subsidy discounts available?
    •  No: we have worked hard to ensure a low price point for this event, we believe this price point is low enough to allow anyone to come.
  • I can’t find my ticket / I messed up a ticket transfer / something is wrong!!