ARTISTS!! The GVIAS GRANTS COMMITTEE wanted to relay some info not yet on the website that has changed. We now cover some of your transportation costs for Dustcovery.

Cruise on over to the GVIAS Grants info page if you:
– are building NEW art, or you want to give existing art a face lift
– have EXISTING art that you want to bring to Dustcovery, have filled out the art placement form, and you would like to apply for some funds to help recoup costs to transport your art

**Artists who apply for art grants for new art or refurbishment, can use up to 20% of their total budget for transportation. If the only costs you need to cover are transportation costs YOU ONLY NEED TO APPLY FOR TRANSPORTATION.

Also note ALL art needs to apply for placement on the Art, Fire Art & Theme Camps Info page on the Dustcovery website so the event producers know all the details of your art.

If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

Nickie Lewis
Artist Liaison
GVIAS Grants Committee