A dark night
A grimy, soot bedeckled foundry, steam and rhythmic pounding leaking from high barred lightless windows.
A long slew of sinuous, bloody meat bodies shuffling endlessly toward the churning interior as if drawn by conveyor belt, processed, stamped, braceletted and afforded ration tickets by a cue of faceless automatons- the pride of the new industrial era.

*scrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* ⚙️
(Cue sound effect: needle scratching on a record/gut wrenching grinding to a halt of screeching mechanical gears)

Dustcovery needs door volunteers and it will be NOTHING like that ⬆️⬆️

We are gonna have a PARTY!
Thinking about volunteering but worried it will detract from your overall party experience? Not on this team!
Door volunteering will be the hands down iron clad most fun volunteering opportunity this year.

This year we are DOUBLING the number of volunteers on door from last year.
There will be dancing. There will be jokes. There will be chatting to your friends as they arrive. There will be some clown with a megaphone.
There will be time to take a minute off and get yourself and your volunteer buddy a drink from the bar, cut a rug through the dance floor on your way back for your second of two measly hours gifting to the community and flirting with all the babes as they enter the fabric of our event.
We will weave magic as we set the tone for those entering and make friends to reconnect with later on the dance floor.
This year the party goes til 3 and we only need volunteers up til midnight so PLENTY of time to crush it on the dance floor harder than an orphan caught in an 18th century weaving loom.

Why volunteer?

It will be easy. It will be fun. You will get to show off your costume and check out everyone else’s first.

This year we are also seeking the services of two photographers as door crew!
You arrive at the party dressed to the tits, you look a million bucks in the costume you’ve been working all month on. And then you forget to take a single photo.
This time WE. GOT. YOU.

Anyway here’s the link to sign up:

You all know this counts towards getting a directed ticket to BitF next year, right?
*with minimum number of accrued volunteer hours
*some additional conditions apply

Fill out the volunteer survey! Be the crew! Live the values of our events!

Kate & Lenka
Dustcovery Door Co-Leads
We’re like French doors now there’s two of us