Is it your first time participating at Dustcovery? Here’s a few things you should know.

Can you believe it? Saturday is almost here and its your first time, so excited for you! Your 2019 Dustcovery Newbie Acculturation Team has a quick intro for first timers and a small refresher for the grizzly vets to make our event as incredible as possible!

Who’s running this event?

There are still opportunities to volunteer at this event,
check the Dustcovery Website News feed,
the Facebook page or your email.
Learn more about us at

What are these Burning Man principles
I keep hearing about?

Here’s a little bit more about the 10 Principles.

Our community is proud of our recognition
and support of consent culture.

Tea anyone? Consent explained in a cup.

Would you like to hear more about all this from a real life human? Drop in and see us at the Newbie table on Saturday night. Let us get you pumped up and informed about the great night you are about to have! Been here before? Come say hi anyway, we’ve got a shiny new button for you! See you Soon! Check out the event map to find us:

Much love from all of us!
luvlee and the Newbie Acculturation Team