(Excerpt from the Survival Guide)

  • You must have at least one piece of government ID in order to get into the event. The name on your ID must match the name on your ticket. This is a 19+ event. 
  • Dress in layers. The warehouses are very large & there are some outdoor activities.
  • Wear good/sturdy shoes. The cement floor can be rough or uneven in spots.
  • Water: There are 2 self-serve water stations, located near the bars, so that you can refill water throughout the night. Bring a cup or water bottle. It must be empty when you arrive. If the big water jug is empty, remove it and put a new one on. 
  • Drink tickets are cash only, or purchased through Quicket and redeemed onsite. There will be ATMs on site. 
  • The only bathrooms available are the portos outside. There are handwashing stations. See site Map 
  • Be quiet when leaving and outside. Be kind to the apartments across the street and nearby. 
  • Plan a safe ride home. Don’t drive unless you plan to stay sober. Refer to Survival Guide for Transit & Taxi info.
  • Consent is mandatory.
  • Have fun and explore!