Drink tickets for Dustcovery

We just sent an email out to all ticket holders outlining the process around purchasing drinks at Dustcovery.

First Think To Know:  Bring a cup/bottle!
While most of our drinks will be in recyclable containers & cups, it’s nice to have your own cup for wine & water.

Plus we hear someone’s serving miso soup, so perhaps a nice wide cup for the occasion.

Second Thing To Know:
This is not normally an event venue, so we won’t have traditional POS systems at the bar onsite.

We’ll be using a drink ticket system where you will need to purchase drink tickets before going to the bar.

All drink tickets must be purchased at the drink ticket table. The table will be clearly marked, and is located close to the main ‘Factory’ bar.

What form of payments do you accept?

  • Cash
  • Online Drink Ticket Voucher

Online Drink Ticket Voucher?
Yes, we’re trying out a brand new system!

We’re bringing in an ATM so you can get money out, if you prefer to deal in cold hard cash, but as an alternative, we’re pilot programming a new system that will allow you to avoid handling cash, where you instead purchase an online drink ticket voucher!

This voucher will still need to be scanned at the drink ticket table in exchange for your physical drink tickets. We’re hopeful that this can alleviate some of the bottlenecks (lines, cash, change, etc).

What kind of drinks are offered?

  • Beer/Cider/Coolers: $5.50
  • Wine: $6.00
  • Non-Alcoholic: $3.00
  • Self Serve Water: Free

They’re sold in packs of 1 to 5 units (no discounts are legally allowed).

Where do I buy these drink tickets?
You can buy them before or during the event at up until 1 am of the event.

  • Pre-purchase before the event: in order to reduce confusion, we’ve only included the drink ticket buying link in the email we sent to ticket holders. If you can’t find that email, contact us at [email protected].
  • Purchase during the event: we’ll have signage on site with the special link as well so you can easily purchase during the event.

What is the bar setup like?
There will be 2 bars at the the event!

  • The Factory: main bar, will be in the first warehouse, next to the Telefunkin stage, will serve beer, cider, coolers, wine as well as non-alcoholic options.
  • Mini Bar: secondary bar can be found next to the Ravebots stage, and will only serve beer, cider and coolers.

The layout of the bars and drink tickets table can be found on the site map available here:

That’s all the info regarding drinks for now. Please be sure to read the short Survival Guide in full!

Shout out & gratitude to our fabulous Registration Team for putting in the extra time & effort to provide these pre-purchase options!