Info 2019

Dustcovery 2019 : inDUSTrial Revolution
Vancouver’s Official Regional Burning Man Decompression event

Saturday November 30, 2019 fr 8pm to 3am
Location: East Vancouver warehouse
Ticket holders will receive address.
🔼 PLEASE BE QUIET as you arrive and depart the venue. There are residential buildings all around.

🔼 Connecting with fellow burners, making new friends, dance floors, DJs, art installations, theme camps, fire show – It’s all going to happen!

🔼 We have secured a new location in an old foundry that hasn’t been used in some time. There are cranes and machinery. It is dirty and grimy and awesome! You will need to dress in layers for warmth and wear comfortable shoes. We will be sourcing some flooring, heaters and furniture, but plan ahead to make sure you are prepared.

🔼 Critical information will continue to be posted on the website at
🔼 See PINNED POST on Facebook event page for latest callouts, announcements & updates.

🔺 TICKETS – NO Door Sales! 🔻
🔼 Tickets are NOW SOLD OUT! See the ticket page for all purchase details, transfer instructions, etc.
🔼 Your best bet is to keep a close eye on the FB event page, as well as a self serve spreadsheet, that will hopefully make it easier for sellers to find buyers:

🔺 This year’s theme: inDUSTrial Revolution🔻
The Industrial Revolution was a time when the manufacturing of goods moved from small shops and homes to large factories. This shift brought about changes in culture as people moved from rural areas to big cities in order to work.
As Burners we have created our own ‘big cities’ within which to gather and grow. We encourage you to think about about how “being immersed in the playa dust”, and in your Regional community, has affected cultural change, and impacts how you live your life in the default.

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