Art & Theme Camps for 2019


Here’s a list of all of the phenomenal art projects, theme camps and sound camps being shared at Dustcovery.
Remember, doors open at 8pm, and event ends at 3am. COME EARLY to experience all the goodness!

ALL OF THIS is gifted to the community by YOU, the participants. Do not simply go forth blindly and consume, but instead participate! Look for ways that you can help support these creators and artists, whether helping with set up & teardown, or volunteering with the event production. To be a part of the creation of this event, check out the Volunteer page to sign up.

Immense gratitude to all of you phenomenal humans for bringing your art, camps, sounds, gifts, and interactive goodies, and to all the volunteers stepping up to make it all happen! It’s going to be inDUSTrial!

Massive props to this year’s new Art Placement team, Laura B & Alan P, for their fantastic efforts & great sense of space in placing all of these projects in this new empty industrial warehouse! And deep bows to our phenomenal graphic designer Tim, who’s made the logo, signage and map for us.

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Click on the map to embigen & scroll down for the list and descriptions of all the awesome things you’re about to see!
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Produced by the Telefunkin Sound Crew. Click here to check out the lineup.
Produced by the Telefunkin Sound Crew. Click here to check out the lineup.
1. Berzerkatroid Dragon
Interactive light up fire-breathing dragon!
2. Karaoke Death Machine
The Karaoke Death Machine is a silvery podium fixed with golden antenna and a single microphone. A hole in one side emits sound played from three different playlists; 8 bit Daft Punk, ambient experimental music, or animal sounds. Inspired by the sounds, participants can sing/talk/yell or otherwise make noise into the microphone and experience their modulated voice amplified.
3. Welcome To Sign
Welcome To Sign’ is a 4ft tall A-frame sign that reads “Welcome To…” below which participants can swap out interchangeable messages.
4. Eat a Dick
I will be giving away sugar cookies shaped like penises.
5. Rainbow Cakes
Rainbow Cakes returns for it’s second year of Dustcovery action! We’ll be serving up hot flapjacks for the hungry burners. Our cakes come loaded with colorful toppings, terrible puns, and heartfelt compliments.
6. Stardust Starfield
Where does your mind wander when you gaze up at the stars? Need a break from the smoke and crowd? Come lie down, take a deep breath and see the night sky at the Stardust Starfield.
Torn – An art piece that shows the impact of garment waste in Canada – each year the average persons discards 37 kilos of clothing. This is what that looks like… only more art-like.
8. A Moment of Reflection
A Moment of Reflection presents participants with the opportunity to explore their faces, playing with a mirror. Participants will be encouraged to interact with the mirror by making funny faces, any faces, and having a conversation with themselves while staring themselves in the eyes. The box will be hung from a rope and participants will need to lift the box up with a rope and pulley system in order to place their head inside (since people are different heights, it will be adjustable).
9. Bound
Bound is a digitally painted/collaged triptych that focuses on the theme of dehumanization in the online gay male cruising community through the usage of sexually focused hookup apps. The piece also addresses body dissatisfaction and fetish culture. Platforms such a Grindr, Scruff and Jack’d allude to the fact that their purpose is to create community, when in reality these applications play a large role in the marginalization of minority groups within the gay community.
10. Shutterbuggy
The Shutterbuggy is a mobile photo booth in the shape of an antique camera. Stop by and get a souvenir photo with your friends.
11. DIY Spank Station
A walker with various spanking implements (many silly, some more serious) that invites participants to explore spanking with a chosen partner.
12. Hardly Hear
Look for the glowing ear if you find it loud. There you’ll find ear plugs to soothe your aching drums.
13. Badger’s Hideout
At Badgers Hideout, fun never sleeps. Come find us for up beat hangouts, shenanigans and miso soup. Remember, snoozers = loozers, and the soup will be ready in 5 more minutes (give or take 5 minutes).
14. The Room of Doom
The Room of Doom is a budget amusement park ride. But what it lacks in cost to produce, it makes up for in thrills and spills. A motor less sensory experience guaranteed to excite and bewilder. A simple yet spellbinding ride through robotic fantasies and a rainbow of colour. While others waiting their turn will hear the squeals of joy/fear/spills and thrills,
15. Action Faction
Action Faction’s “Attractions Village” includes; “Moving Targets” a game where you can throw foam balls at another participant while they wear a velcro suit and try to dodge your attempts. Our new “Garden of “Ooo” and “Aww” ” where you can play in the sand, smell the flowers and do a little fishing. And our blinky light lounge and crafty place.
16. The Really Lost Penguins
Need a break from dancing? Want a space to relax away from the mayhem? Come and chill with the Lost Penguins in our cushy, cuddly dome!
17. Happy Licky Toilet
It is made from a standard toilet, equipped with many fine accessories. The major effect will be a rotating soft tongue which flaps against the bottom of a person sitting on the toilet seat. The happy Licky Toilet will also feature sound and light effects programmed to entertain the person using it. For hygienic reasons no naked bums will be allowed on it. The installation will also feature googly eyes graphics and other fun stuff.
18. Ramen Lovers Anonymous
Come relax in a pool of plush ramen.
19. Sparky: a friction ignition meeting point
We want to give participants a vista of the party, a perch where a new perspectives can be ignited, through playfulness. The “ignition switch” is a column of clear acrylic with two parts: a top open-air level, where participants can take friends to look out over the crowd, and a bottom enclosed level, where participants maneuver pieces of metal against stationary grinders to produce spark trails that fill the lower compartment (safely) – producing a light show for the rest of the party to enjoy.
20. Feeling Nosey?
“Feeling Nosey” is part clown booth part game show. Ratchet Mickey and Tinker Fuck, members of the #333 clown crew, guide participants through playful release by inviting those willing to choose a coloured clown nose from a game show wheel, each associated with a different emotion. Once the nose is on, it’s time to PLAY and improvise your way to ultimate liberation, and if you’re lucky, maybe even “ego death.” Don’t worry, one of our seasoned clown pros will be by your side to play along. Plus, you’ll get a souvenir.
21. Bad Advice Booth
Blank Sign Booth. Pick a sign and put it up and run it.
22. Dustcovery Blacklight art installation
Some members of BACK to the WILD are creating a neon themed space, lit up with black light, to showcase Lucie’s art & celebrate the unveiling of her new art installation. This piece has been created as tribute to the philosophy of Burning Man. The space will also be decorated with our decor and string art, to make it an inviting place to hang out. Come by and enjoy our face painting station!
23. Man in the Mirror
A place for reflection and contemplation.

Imagine a place for reflection and contemplation. A place where you will experience the infinite possibilities within yourself.

This infinity room (Inspired by Yayoi Kusama) centers around the participant and makes them the focus of the work. As they interact within the space as much as it interacts with them.

When you enter the dark, six-sided room, there is a single chair. The seat of the chair is embossed with light emitting rope telling the viewer to sit. This activates a switch, turning on hundreds of fiber-optic strands which fall from the ceiling, lighting the room.

The walls are made of 3’ x 5’ vertical sound dampening panels and are mirrored on the inside. This creates millions of reflections of the participant as well as the fiber-optics which radiate infinitely in all directions.

Either thought provoking words or meditative music will be playing and create a unique and therapeutic experience for the user.
24. Interactive Storytelling
Welcome to Interactive storytelling; a salon where the future beckons you to become the participant and the observer. Your hosts Martin and Michelle are magicians of transformation, as they invite you to explore your future in this alternate reality where the unexpected is commonplace and perceptions cause a twinkling in the atomic structure.
25. What the Eye Sees When It Is Closed
Placing flowing, fractally-rich imagery in front of our eyes, is one of the most powerful ways to calm and energise the mind, and I feel privileged to place my work into the public sphere at this time.

Working with oil on glass presents unique opportunities- the depth of paint on the glass partially determines its color and tone; as backlighting literally brings light through the paint. An unexpected bonus is that as the room’s ambient light changes throughout the course of each day, there is a corresponding change in the tone and look of each piece.

​Painting on glass is also an exciting and challenging experience. Since it is actually a very slow moving liquid (technically an amorphous solid), each work is literally in motion, though we will not see them move in our lifetimes. Also, almost all the window panes were destined for a landfill site, and so reclaiming and adorning them is particularly satisfying.
26. Oasis of Om
Come be nourished at the Oasis’s chillspace. We have all the warming, home brewed chai tea you could ask for, massage tables to use freely, and a big ole canvas tent full of pillows and soft things to cuddle up on. See you in the ‘recharge’ moments of your night! Bring your own tea cup!