Art & Theme Camps Info

Art, Fire Art & Theme Camps Info

Hellooo! Art and theme camp applications are now open.
Please see the below link to fill out the application.
As you all know, the event date is just around the corner and I am sure you will all appreciate that this is time sensitive, with a short turnaround (application closes Wed Nov 13th).

We ask you to please try and apply ASAP, to allow us maximum time to go through all applications. Also to give the artists more time to complete projects.
This applies especially to anyone who does not require an art grant. If you just want an art piece displayed, please apply ASAP so we can complete those before the bigger projects with grants.

Please take into consideration when applying, that outside space is limited and we need to prioritize it for the fire-show. However, the ceilings are super high and I believe that even mutant vehicles could fit in there.

From what I saw, parking seemed to be limited for unloading equipment etc. I will speak to the parking leads about this, but it may be worth noting that unloading your project might have to be a quick process.

I personally love the new site and it’s quirks, so get excited .

If you have further questions please email us: [email protected]

Application can be found at:

Kind regards,
Laura and Alan
Art and Theme Camp Leads 

Now that tickets are in hand, we have decided to extend our deadline till the 13th of November! 
Grants are still open till the 11th of November and we encourage anyone with an art piece or camp idea to apply. 

Fire Art applications open

Calling all fire artists!
Dustcovery has a venue that has the potential for displaying flame effects! If you have a piece of fire art you would like to bring to Dustcovery, you may apply at this link:
You may also get in touch with me, the Fire Safety Lead! I can help advise and review your fire safety plan associated with your art!
Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions related to your fire art or flame effects.
Thank you and we look forward to lighting up the night!

Denise Hogue
Dustcovery 2019 Fire Safety Lead