Sound Stages 2019

Soundstage info & lineups 2019

Get ready for some great music this year. We’ve got 2 big rooms with an amazing sound stage in each room.


Produced by the Telefunkin Sound Crew.
TeleFunkin DJs: Smoothie, Oki, Tungsten Crook, Epitomic, Bring Back Zak, and Wise Tree.
Visuals by Alejandro and TEV13. PK Sound in effect.

Updates will be posted on the Telefunkin stage FB event page.

Produced by the Ravebots Crew.
Ravebots DJs: Red Dragon, Beatrix the White, DJ Phuze, Diem, and Tango.
Updates will be posted on the Ravebots stage FB event page.

Time DJ Name Name
8-9pm DJ Phuze Paul
9-10pm Red Dragon Kyle
10-11pm DJ Juicy Jams Jem
11-12am Diem Dave
12-1am Tango Tango
1-2am Beatrix the White Marti
2-3am Uncle Willy Willy


Just a reminder that the dance floor is a bit “industrial”. Wear good shoes (no bare feet!).
Bring your earplugs, too. If you forget, look for the wonderful glowing ear art project “Hardly Hear” next to the Ravebots stage to grab some.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!
– Peter Blitz, Dustcovery Sound Lead