Survival Guide / Venue Info

Survival Guide / Venue Info

  • Welcome & Good Stewardship
  • Tickets are SOLD OUT. No Door Sales.
  • Website & Blog
  • Wristband & Waiver
  • Volunteers: set up & tear down
  • Top 10 Things to Know
  • What to bring
  • What Not to Bring
  • Two bars + new option to pre-purchase drink tickets!
  • Food Trucks – Free Snacks!
  • Coat Check Info – Self Serve
  • Newbie Acculturation
  • Getting there / Bus info / Parking
  • Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement

Welcome & Good Stewardship

Hello Everyone!! Your Dustcovery Co-Producers, Andi Candi and Jennie Hayes, here with some key information to surviving and thriving through our InDUSTrial Revolution. Please read before attending the event.

We are asking each and everyone of you attending to be good stewards of the space, to respect our neighbours around the venue, and to help one another to be accountable to the GVIAS Participant Code of Conduct and the 10 Principles.

Please respect the neighbours who live nearby when you are outdoors or leaving the event. We don’t want a noise complaint to shut us down.

After a struggle to secure a venue this year and putting everything together at a frantic pace, we are so excited to have a Decompression in the City of Vancouver for a second year!! Let’s all have an awesome time and help each other to respect ourselves, respect each other, and respect our hosts!

Tickets are SOLD OUT – No Door Sales

Absolutely no door sales are available. If you have friends looking for tickets, their only chance is to check the FB event page and put their name on the spreadsheet & hope someone calls them last minute. Info:

Event Runs: 8 pm till 3 am. Doors at 8pm.
Exodus: Please exit the building swiftly and quietly at 3am.

Website & Blog

Critical info that we hope everyone will know is below. Lots more info is posted on the website and blog as NEWS. Volunteer callouts, Art Projects (21!), Theme Camps (4), Sound Stages (2) & DJ Lineups, performances & lots more! Check it out!

Wristband & Waiver

You will receive a wristband after your ticket has been scanned. You must wear it while at the event. By accepting this wristband, you agree to the terms set out in the waiver at the end of this document. Please read it carefully before attending the event. If you purchased your own ticket you have already agreed to this waiver.

Volunteers: set up & tear down

Saturday: 9am – 5pm is set-up for art, theme camps, decor, signage, etc.
We want to be set-up by 5pm, so that you folks can go eat, change and come back to the event.Doors open at 8pm.
Sunday: 12pm – 4pm is tear down.
Everyone needs to be off site by 4pm

  • Please bring a full water bottle (or 2!) with you during set up and tear down as there is no water onsite.
  • Sat Lunch: to keep everyone fueled up, for set up we will be gifting you hard working volunteers lunch and lots of treats.
  • Sun Breakfast items: for the heroes at tear down on Sunday, we’ll have lots of coffee and breakfast snacks. 
  • Dress in warm comfortable layers, we will have some heat, but it will take a while for the building to warm up and the forecast is for freezing temperatures. 

Top 10 Things to Know

  • You must have at least one piece of government ID in order to get into the event. The name on your ID must match the name on your ticket. This is a 19+ event. 
  • Dress in layers. The warehouses are very large & there are some outdoor activities.
  • Wear good/sturdy shoes. The cement floor can be rough or uneven in spots.
  • Water: There are 2 self-serve water stations, located near the bars, so that you can refill water throughout the night. Bring a cup or water bottle. It must be empty when you arrive. If the big water jug is empty, remove it and put a new one on. 
  • Drink tickets are cash only, or purchased through Quicket App and redeemed onsite. There will be ATMs on site. 
  • The only bathrooms available are the portos outside. There are handwashing stations. See site Map 
  • Be quiet when leaving and outside. Be kind to the apartments across the street and nearby. 
  • Plan a safe ride home. Don’t drive unless you plan to stay sober. Refer to Survival Guide for Transit & Taxi info.
  • Consent is mandatory.
  • Have fun and explore!

What to bring 

  1. Your Photo ID – you will not get in without it
  2. Your Ticket – printed or digitally on your phone.
  3. A cup or water bottle, for water or miso soup. It must be empty when you arrive.
  4. Ear plugs – if sensitive to noise. It will be loud! if you forget, find the “Hardly Hear” art project gifting out ear plugs next to Ravebots stage.
  5. Dust mask – as we are in an old foundry, those sensitive to dust should bring masks if required.
  6. An open mind.
  7. Common Sense – you are responsible for your own safety. 

What Not to Bring

Prohibited Items:

  • Weapons (of any sort)
  • Lasers (leave that to us)
  • Outside alcohol (we have plenty inside)
  • Drugs (just don’t)
  • Non-Empty Drink Containers (empty is great!)
  • Pets (we love them but not here)
  • Vending of any sort – None allowed during the event. Please don’t advertise your business, band, DJ, etc

Venue Rules

  • ABSOLUTELY no smoking or vaping inside the venue (smoking area is outside)
  • NO alcohol outside. There may be bag checks. Please conduct yourself accordingly.

Nudity Guidelines

  • With respect to nudity and sex, we ask that you treat Dustcovery as you would any other public event in the City of Vancouver.
  • Please respect the boundaries of everyone around you. This is not a SOP event. There are no private sex positive spaces at this event.

Two bars + new option to pre-purchase drink tickets!

There will be 2 bars on site, refer to the map for location: 

  • The Factory: main bar, will be in the first warehouse, next to the Telefunkin stage, will serve beer, cider, coolers, wine as well as non-alcoholic options.
  • Mini Bar: secondary bar can be found next to the Ravebots stage, and will only serve beer, cider and coolers.

Reduce your wait time & pre-purchase your drink tickets!
New this year, we’re trying out pre-selling drink tickets, to help reduce cash handling & wait times at the drink ticket table.

These will be available for sale VERY SOON! We’ll announce it on the blog & Facebook.

Drink tickets for both bars can be purchased or picked up at a separate table on the south / far wall in the first warehouse, beyond the Factory Bar. The lovely folks at the Drink Tickets table will be handling both cash sales and Quicket ticket redemptions 🙂

Payment options:
– Cash only (bring cash, or use the ATM provided on site)
– Purchase drink tickets online on Quicket until 1am (lower processing fee vs ATM)

Drink Prices
– Beer/Cider/Coolers: $5.50
– Wine: $6.50
– Non-alcoholic (Pop, juice, etc): $3.00

Please note: Last Call: 1:30 am (Liquor sales end at 2am SHARP)

Food Trucks – Free Snacks!

We will have Varinicey and El Cartel Food Trucks at Dustcovery this year! On behalf of GVIAS and the Production team, they will be offering free snacks starting at 8pm until they run out. Come early! There will be vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options.

Coat Check Info – Self Serve

There is a self serve coat check area, to be used AT YOUR OWN RISK. Do not leave any valuables!

Newbie Acculturation

Welcome Home! Your 2019 Dustcovery Newbie Acculturation Team is happy to see you. Stop in and see us when you come through main entrance on Saturday Night. Spend a few minutes with us hearing from some of your new found friends about the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society ( GVIAS ), a bit about the Burning Man Principles and the important topic of Consent. Let us get you pumped up and informed about the great night you are about to have! Been here before? Come say hi anyway, we’ve got a shiny new button for you! See you Soon!

Getting There / Bus Info / Parking

Venue address: 1250 East Pender Street
Please do not plan to drive unless you plan to stay sober! The venue is a warehouse location, quite close to Clark & Hastings. Several transit bus stops are within a 10 minute walk. We encourage everyone to take transit or other public transportation options!

Click to embiggen

Click on map below to see closest bus stops/options.
LAST BUS leaves from / at:
Eastbound (EB) Hastings Street
– N35 SFU: 2:19am/2:39am/2:59am
– N20 Victoria: 2:22am/2:42am/3:02am
Westbound (WB) Hastings Street:
N20 Downtown: 1:52am/2:07am/2:22am
Eastbound Venables to South Bound on Clark:
22 Knight: 1:11am
Westbound Venables:
22 MacDonald: 1:17am

Parking Options

If you drive, there is plenty of street parking in the area, but unfortunately there are few parking lots nearby. Finding parking within a few blocks should not be difficult on a Saturday evening, but please be prepared to walk up to a few blocks depending. 

RV Parking

Closest RV street parking is along Vernon Street (mainly South of Venables), or on Terminal Ave & Glen Drive, near the Home Depot.

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement