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GVIAS Grants – closed

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Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society presents: Vancouver Dustcovery, an official Burning Man decompression event!

Want to help participants experience something special? Awesome! And if you’re in need of some funding to make it happen, we might be able to help!

Our venue this year is mostly indoors, inside a massive warehouse. Our limited outdoor space will be used mostly for Fire Show, fire art, and the porta potties.

Grants funding is available for small-scale interactive and/or artistic pieces which will attend Dustcovery on Nov. 30th, 2019. Applications are now CLOSED for 2019.

Maximum award: $750 for new projects and $250 for refurbished projects

Application deadline has passed!


If you are building NEW art, or you want to give existing art a face lift, hit this button:


If you have EXISTING art that you want to bring to Dustcovery, have filled out a placement form, and you would like to apply for some funds to help recoup costs to transport your art, hit this button:

Artists who apply for art grants for new art or refurbishment, can use up to 20% of their total budget for transportation. If the only costs you need to cover are transportation costs YOU ONLY NEED TO APPLY FOR TRANSPORTATION.


Also note ALL art needs to apply for placement on the Art, Fire Art & Theme Camps Info page on the Dustcovery website so the event producers know all the details of your art.

If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

Mike Funergy on behalf of the
GVIAS Arts Grants Committee