Ticket Information for 2019

This is the official source for all information related to Dustcovery tickets.

Dustcovery is a a platform for participation, 100% volunteer run, where everyone contributes.

We require everyone to purchase a ticket, including all Producers, Team Leads and volunteers (that’s everyone of you!)WE ARE SOLD OUT!
Check the FB Page or add your name to this UNOFFICIAL ticket exchange list: http://bit.ly/DustcoveryTix19

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed out on the Ticket sale! What can I do?

• post to the FB event page
• post to Ticket Exchange Doc*: http://bit.ly/DustcoveryTix19
• tell your friends you’re looking

This is a self-serve spreadsheet, to attempt to make it easier for sellers to find buyers. There are no guarantees, it’s not a waiting list, and anyone wanting to sell a ticket can choose to sell it to whoever they desire.

• To make it easier & better for everyone, please remember to remove your post & listing once you have found your tickets!!

I can’t attend any more, can I transfer my ticket?

You can sell your ticket privately to anyone you want. Only buy/sell from trusted people at face value!
1. See the Ticket Exchange spreadsheet and find a lucky seeker to contact.
2. Check or post to the FB event page, for people who might be looking to buy a ticket.
See below for instructions on how to transfer a ticket.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

First, login to your Quicket Account. Your tickets, transfer options, etc, are all in there. If you have issues with that, contact [email protected].

The person you have transferred the ticket will need to provide all their personal details into a form and accept the waiver before the ticket becomes available to them. As stated in the purchase phase their name must be that of their official government issued ID.

Your ticket transfer should be completed by Saturday, Nov 30th, at 11:59:59 PM PDT. While it is still technically possible, we can not guarantee your ticket transfer beyond that date.

Be 1000% sure about the recipient email address which you are transferring the ticket to. If an incorrect email address is submitted, the ticket will disappear into the void and the Registration Team will not be able to help you!

Instructions with screenshots can be found here: https://help.quicket.com/portal/kb/articles/transfer-tickets-to-someone-else

I can’t find my ticket / I messed up a ticket transfer / something is wrong!

First, login to your Quicket Account. Your tickets, transfer options, etc, are all in there. If you have issues with that, contact [email protected].

Can I bring My Children to the Event?

Unfortunately not. This is a 19+ event. Our permit with the city, liquor license and insurance are all dependent on that fact. We are conscious of the fact that it is preferable to include children in a Burning Man Official Regional Event, and we are always looking at options to have a family friendly events. Unfortunately, in most cases, venue & BC laws make this a challenge.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards through Stripe.

How many can I buy?

You can purchase up to 2 tickets per transaction.

Can I get a refund?

No, but you can sell your ticket privately to anyone you want!
Good place to do that is on the FB event page.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

Yes, you can buy tickets for someone else. A strict name on ticket + ticket transferring system is in place with waiver on ticket.
Remember: The name on the ticket must match the name on your government issue ID, which will be required and checked at the door. You can change the name on the ticket any time through the ticket transfer feature provided by Quicket.

When do the last few tickets go on sale?

The last batch of tickets will go on sale November 24th @ 8PM. Bookmark the Dustcovery Purchase Page for best results. PURCHASES ARE LIMITED TO 1 TICKET AT A TIME!

How much do they cost?

$33.50 + tax. Ticketing platform is Quicket, so make sure you have your login, and that your information is correct before the sale!

Will the tickets sell out immediately?

The first 1200 tickets sold out in 17 hours. We expect this last small “artisanal” batch of tickets to sell out instantly. Read through this FAQ like a hawk, and make sure you have the Dustcovery Purchase Page on constant refresh around 8PM on the 24th.